Our Story


Bompies is a childhood memory, a feeling, a person who you once knew. In the case of our founder it was a beloved grandparent who was always there.

Bompies takes you back to a different time when feeling luxurious in your own home meant wearing silk night gowns and feather covered slippers.


Founded by salon business owner and mother of three, Posey Broomhall the brand was developed for her love of luxury bathroom and bedroom goods. Posey spent her childhood watching her Grandparents' strong love and respect for each other as they worked together to run a business.

Named after her grandfather, Bompies was built off the belief that you can be both comfortable and feel luxurious in your home. Watching her Grandmother reapply her lipstick before her Bompie walked through the door at the end of the day, Posey quickly realised that this ritual wasn’t about looking good for her husband but rather to feel good for herself.

The beautiful pieces created for the Bompies girl are all about luxury but more importantly feeling confident enough to open the door to the postie with her towel turban and dressing gown on.

Knowing that she looks and feels fabulous. 

The original product, a shower cap (or as we like to call it, a Bompie) was created by Posey and her now husband. As a seasoned hair professional, Posey knew the benefits of using a shower cap between blow waves.

The flat edge seam has been designed to minimise that awkward mark across your forehead and the high quality, waterproof fabric means your shower cap will dry between showers eliminating any 'damp' smells.